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Joe Calabrese: Homepage

Spring 2017

Mental Hygiene, aka Satire

< Further contributions from my students most welcome.

Channeling Ambrose Bierce (for Sarah P.) Palindrone: a ponderous, hieratic utterance having no reasonable beginning nor sensible end.

"The best of America is here with all of you hardworking very patriotic, um, very, um pro-America areas of this great nation."

Palindroning: the use of foul air, ink or lipstick to mask a void, a mental nullity.

"While we might be in the wilderness, conservatives need to defend the free market system and explain what really caused last year's collapse."

Sarah's Election Strategy with Apology, in verse:

Gore, Clinton or Obama,
For US they're all Osama.
Terror here! Wait look! Terror over there!
Fear not. I smile. I let down my hair.

Hey was this guy born in Kenya? Is he tribal? Fling mud, toss in something from the bible.

No need for us to think,
there's really nothing to explain;
tho I gave my all for god 'n country
and that ill-tempered pol McCain,
Couric and Gibson, those media elite,
peered into my skull and cinched our defeat.

Next time it's gonna be all Fox news
and you goddamned Dems can sing the blues.

was it worth it?

History and Satire 101

Mark Twain's take on congress: "To my mind, Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature Congressman."

"Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of congress. But I repeat myself."

Gary Trudeau is the author of Doonesbury and one of the country's most vet-friendly satirists! I have posted some of his strips because few public voices manage so well as Trudeau to express both outrage at our government and genuine sympathy for the friends and family serving in the military.

Read the Military Blog that Trudeau sponsors. Click the image


Major Genoral David Blackledge opens up about PTSD! He's not the only one. General Carter Ham talks about his PTSD experiences.

who wants to quit