We're back...thanks for waiting...and a renewal!

To begin, please re-read part of the very first editorial from the EJSE dated March 1996:

In closing, you will find that not all articles included in this first issue of EJSE are of the same publication style. With the advent of hypertext mark-up language(HTML), many new and dynamic avenues for communication have been forged. As with any new undertaking, the EJSE is just getting its "sea legs", so to speak, and therefore, will not be steadfastly publishing according to any print media style manual. More authors are mastering HTML, and consequently, are writing HTML manuscripts. One such example in this issue is authored by Dr. Randy Yerrick. His article is an excellent illustration of this new authoring format for scholarly publication. For those who would like to consider submitting a manuscript to the EJSE, please see our basic and somewhat fluid publications guidelines at the end of the issue. We look forward to involving you in the future of scholarly publication.

Unfortunately, the EJSE left its roots and therefore, a publication backlog occurred due to the complexity of the manuscripts we were receiving. In reading this editorial recently, I remembered that the EJSE was developed NOT to mirror print media, but as the editorial stated, to be "fluid."

So, beginning with this issue, readers will see exactly what the author(s) submitted. We will no longer be so concerned with style, so that we can continue to bring our readers valuable academic information in the most timely way as possible.

Thanks for hanging in there with us...more back logged issues to be blazing at you very soon.

John R. Cannon, Editor and "re-born" Publisher