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  Description & Requirements: Practice with statistical methods especially useful in the presentation and interpretation of psychological, sociological and educational data. Prerequisite: PSY 101 or 103 .; must have completed the university core requirements for mathematics.

Purpose: This class will provide an overview of basic statistical reasoning and methods as applied to the behavioral sciences. There are two goals for the class.

  1. Since this is a required course for psychology majors, one goal is to prepare psychology majors who are going on to graduate school to do well on those parts of the GRE subject exam that pertain to statistics. This does not mean other people will be over-prepared in statistics, just that this is a good fundamental course.
  2. Have people come out of this class who are capable of being more critical consumers of facts and statistics used in the media, professional journals, and government which are used to make inferences about the world or public policy.