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405, 605 GIS 1:

The goal of this class is to introduce GIS tools and build on the GIS concepts the student has already been exposed to in previous GIS classes.
There are pre-requisites to this class; Geography 205 or 210 (and if you have some Cartography skills)

2009 Spring Syllabus

2009 Spring Lecture Schedule (Check schedule often for updates)

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The goal of this class is to introduce additional tools and applications for Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  

A GIS allows a user to store and retrieve information through the selection of its spatial or non-spatial characteristics.  With this ability, quantitative analysis can be undertaken on a database with the results of spatial queries displayed visually in map form and with the use of the internet.  This course emphasizes the use of additional tools beyond the basic tools learned for the manipulation of both vector data and raster analysis. We will learn how to install and use ArcSDE, and ArcServer. We will also become a consulting group and help clients address their GIS questions that walk into the lab.

2009 Spring Syllabus

2009 Spring Lecture Schedule  (Check schedule often for updates)

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