Greg's Page

Welcome to my page, and welcome back from Spring Break!

The purpose of this page is primarily so that students can contact me and find out if I am in my office. When I'm in my office I'll try to update the status on the sidebar. But the status on the sidebar may not always be right and even if I'm not in the office I can probably still help if you call me or e-mail me. I might be on campus somewhere else.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help if I can. I have a copy of Solidworks in my office.

My office has moved from PE 200 H. I will update this page when I have a new office. Until then, just call me or e-mail me if you want to meet.

Courses where I am presently TA:
ME 351 Mechanical Design - Course Taught by Dr. Fayed

Contact Information

Phone: 775-247-1586