Curriculum vitaeCurriculum vitae
Dr. Hao Xu joined the faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering as an Assistant Professor in July 2013. Dr. Xu’s main areas of research include intelligent transportation systems, highway safety, traffic operation and control, evacuation transportation planning and management, and development of software applications for transportation engineering. He owns degrees and experience in both traffic engineering and electrical engineering, and is a registered Professional Engineer.  In addition to research and projects, he also teach traffic engineering courses, such as Highway Geometric Design, Traffc Engineering and Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Dr. Xu is an active member of several professional societies such as the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

Major Ongoing Projects

  • Driving Cycle Development for Highway Facilities
    This research is part of the FHWA project "Enhanced Prediction of Vehicle Fuel Economy and Other Vehicle Operating Costs". It is to develop new driving cycles for controlled/partially-controlled/no-controlled highway facilities. The driving cycle development uses the latest SHRP 2 NDS and RID data.
  • Assessing the Influence of Driver, Vehicle, Roadway and Environmental Factors on Pedestrian-Turning-Traffic Crashes at Intersections
    This is a SHRP 2 IAP project for the Nevada Department of Transportation. We study how driver, vehicle, roadway, and environmental factors affect turning and drivers seeing and yielding to pedestrians at intersections. Research findings will be used to guide the development and implementation of effective countermeasures to improve the safety of pedestrians at intersections.
  • Queue Storage And Acceleration Lane Length Design At Metered On-Ramps In California
    Ramp metering has profound impacts on freeway on-ramp designs. A metered on-ramp consists of two parts, the upstream queue storage portion and the downstream acceleration portion.

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