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Spring, 2013

Cleborne D. Maddux, Ph.D.
Foundation Professor
Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology
775-682-5509; FAX: 775-784-1990
Office Hours - Tuesday, 9-11a.m., Wednesday, 2-4 p.m.

College of Education
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UNR CATALOG COURSE DESCRIPTION: Second course designed for students planning to contribute research findings of their own design. Refinement of inferential statistical methods introduced in CEP440. Prerequisite: CEP440 or 640 or equivalent.

The purpose of the class is to help students learn the application of statistical techniques. To accomplish this, there are four specific objectives:
1. Intensify and reinforce understanding of statistical
concepts and procedures introduced in CEP640
2. Develop skill in choosing the correct statistical
analysis for given data sets.
3. Develop skill in running statistical computer programs
(SPSS for Windows, and EXCEL).
4. Develop skill in reading and understanding computer
printouts of various statistical analyses.

In addition, the course is intended to contribute to the more general goals of the college, which include helping students integrate knowledge and skills to formulate a systematic and personalized approach and style that reflects (1) a strong fund of knowledge, (2) respect for democracy and multiculturalism, (3) love of learning, and (4) a commitment to reflective practice.


Recommended: Use, as a reference, whatever book you used for your last statistics class. I like the Sprinthall book we use in EDRS640 (previously cep640).

Required: Assorted assigned readings, primarily lecture notes posted weekly on the World Wide Web, recommended other websites, and handouts and assigned Websites.

Required: Statistical software called SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). If you purchase or lease this software, you will most likely obtain the SPSS Base GradPack. Any version of SPSS will work, but version 20 or 21 are the most current versions.

The UNR book store used to sell a student version of the software. However, the SPSS company was recently sold to IBM, and the bookstore is not able to get the rights from IBM to sell the SPSS software.

There are several alternative ways for you to gain access to the software:

1. You can use SPSS for free on the computers in the College of Education computer lab.

2. There is also a computer lab in the basement of the library and those machines have SPSS installed on them (ask someone in the basement where those computers are).

3. Also, any student can use SPSS for free on theUNR CITRIX server at: https://citrix.unr.edu/Citrix/XenApp/auth/login.aspx (See section below with details)

4. If you want your own copy of SPSS to install on your computer, you can order a copy you download yourself from various websites, including SPSS. Here are two that students in the class have used in the past:

1. onthehub.com

If you order from onthehub.com, you can choose a version good for 6 month or 12 month rental. The last time I checked, the 6 month Windows version was about $35.00 with a $5.00 download fee, and the 12-month one was about $80. They also have versions for Mac.

For info on a windows version from onthehub.com:


For info on a Mac version from onthehub.com:


If you have questions for onthehub.com, go here:


To order from onthehub.com, you must prove you are a student and you have to register with them. The HELP button on their website will give you the info you need. You can FAX a student ID to them to prove you are a student and eligible for their special pricing.

Here is information sent to us by the onthehub.com about proving you are a student:

"Hardcopy Registration

You can fax or upload to us proof of academic enrollment such as:

* Student/Faculty/Staff ID Card
* Other document from your school that clearly indicates that you are currently registered.

Once registration is complete and your academic status has been verified, you will receive an email containing your username and password. This may take up to 1-2 business days due to the manual verification process."


2. studentdiscounts.com

I have not used this source, but studentdiscounts.com also provide special student discounts.

Regardless of where you order from, you need to make sure the version you order is IBM SPSS Statistics Grad Pack 20.0 (or 21) BASE. Their ad on the Web says you can purchase for either Windows or Mac for $63.99 for a 12-month license and you can install in up to two computers. If you purchase from them you can FAX an ID or other proof that you are a student.

Here is a link to the description of this deal:


There are two other businesses that also sell SPSS at special student rates:

3. studica.com

Here is a link on studica.com to the Grad Pack:

http://www.studica.com/us/en/IBMSPSS/ibm-spss-statistics-base-v20-gradpack-academic/44w5596.html - if you get an error when you click this link, copy the URL and paste it into your browser.

4. creationengine.com

Here is a link to the SPSS Grad Pack on creationengine.com. Don't get the more expensive one with AMOS:


There are probably other such sites where you can purchase the SPSS Statistics Base Grad Pack 20 or 21. These are four I know about:

Remember, the full professional version of SPSS software is installed on about 32 of the computers in our COE Computer Lab (some in each room), and you are welcome to use these machines and the Knowledge Center lab downstairs in the new library has it installed on many of their computers. If you want to run the SPSS program from home, however, you will need to purchase the package identified above from on the hub or elsewhere or use the free version on the library CITRIX server (see next section).


It is possible to run the full, unlimited version of SPSS for free on a server that belongs to the UNR library. However, of course you can only do that if you are working from a computer with an Internet connection. Also, before the software will run for you, you must first download a special driver from the site and install it on the computer you are using (a one-time task). Also, getting a printout can be a problem. Here is what to do to take advantage of this resource:

1. Login with your NetID account name and password at: https://citrix.unr.edu/Citrix/XenApp/auth/login.aspx
2. Access to programs on the Citrix servers requires a small web plugin be installed on your computer. One is for WINDOWS and one is for Mac.
a. After logging on, follow the screen prompts to download the plugin. Last year, Mac users had to use FireFox as a browser to ensure correct functionality, but I have been told this is no longer the case.
3. If prompted when installing the plugin or after opening SPSS, be sure to select FULL ACCESS and ASK ME EVERY TIME. If not prompted, don't worry about it.
4. After installing the plugin (a one-time chore), whenever you visit the site, scroll down the list of software until you find SPSS and open it. (You will see the following: SPSS or you may see PASW. PASW is the new name for SPSS, given since IBM purchased the SPSS software last year.)
5. You can then enter data and run analyses in the same way you would do if you had the software installed on your computer.
6. Print as usual. If this does not work, it is probably because you failed to select Full Access when you installed the driver. In this case, uninstall the driver and reinstall it. The other possibility is that your printer is not compatible with the CITRIX server. Study the tutorial below carefully and you will probably be able to get your printer working. If you simply cannot get regular printing to work, you will have to copy any output, paste into WORD, and print from WORD. NOTE - A STANDARD COPY AND PASTE MAY NOT WORK, depending on your word processing program. Try it. If it does not work, here is what to do:
a. With the SPSS material you want to print on the screen, click EDIT and SELECT ALL. Boxes will appear around everything on the screen.
b. Now click EDIT and COPY OBJECTS if that is an option. Otherwise click just plain "COPY.")
c. Now, without closing SPSS, open a word processor such as MICROSOFT WORD.
d. In WORD, click on EDIT and PASTE. Hopefully this will work. The material will then be pasted into WORD. However, if it does not look right, try EDIT, PASTE SPECIAL, and PICTURE (ENHANCED METAFILE).
e. Print out the material from WORD in the usual way.


You can skip this section if you have purchased or leased SPSS or if you plan to use the computers in the college of education or those in the basement of the library. But, if you plan to use the free version of SPSS on the UNR CITRIX server, here are links to two tutorials to show you exactly how to get your computer configured properly. Be sure to view the appropriate tutorial BEFORE you visit the CITRIX site.

One tutorial is to show you how to install the CITRIX plugin. The other is to help you save a file. The tutorial on saving a file does not use SPSS in the example, but it is exactly the same with SPSS.

Here is the tutorial on installing the CITRIX plugin:


Here is the tutorial on SAVING a file with CITRIX:




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