Creating Your Website on Wolfweb

Wolfweb Access

You must have an account on Wolfweb to create or update your website. If you're not sure whether or not you have an account, call the Campus Computing Help Desk at 682-5000 for more information and to have an account created.

Uploading Information / Settings

SFTP Clients

You must use an SFTP client to connect to Wolfweb and update your website. An easy-to-use SFTP client for Windows is called FileZilla. More information on FileZilla, including download and installation information, and specific setup instructions, is located at the link below. You may use any client of your choice, as long as it supports the SFTP protocol. You will not be able to connect to Wolfweb using regular (insecure) FTP.

Instructions for connecting to WolfWeb can be found here

Website Address

Your website is stored in the /homepage directory, in a subdirectory of the same name as your username (NetID).


While actual terminology may differ between SFTP clients, the settings you will need are:

  • Host:
  • Connection Type: Currently the only supported connection type is SFTP using SSH2.
  • Port: 22 (SFTP over SSH2)
  • Login Type: normal (not "anonymous" or "account")
  • Username: your NetID
  • Password: the password associated with your NetID
  • Default Remote Directory: /homepage/username/

You must ensure that your client is properly configured, including the "default remote directory." If this is not configured correctly, your client will log you into your /home directory instead, and you won't be able to update your website here.

If you're not sure what your NetID or NetID password is, call the Help Desk to reset your password. You can then set your own password here.

Wolfweb Website Index

The Wolfweb site index is located at