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Class times: EDU 203, Tuesday; 4:00-7:00
                   EDU 203, Wednesday; 1:00-3:45

                        CI 481/681, Thursday; 4:00-6:45

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Wednesday 4:00-5:00
Thursday  1:00-3:00
Other times by appointment - I prefer to have the hour before classes to gather my materials so I can be prepared to teach. Please avoid "dropping in" at those times. Thanks!

Email is usually the best way to reach me.

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PowerPoints by Chapter for EDU 203

Note to students (1/27/04) - The links have been updated

These are the actual presentations that you can download if you have PowerPoint:

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Chapter 2 & 3
Chapter 5 & 7
Chapter 6
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
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These are text outline versions for download. You can use a text reader or Word to open them.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 & 3
Chapter 5 & 7
Chapter 6
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Exam Review - If you would like to review and practice for the exams, this link will take you to the practice tests provided by the textbook publisher. They are good reviews for the kind of questions you'll see on your final.
Teaching Students With Special Needs in Inclusive Settings


Course Information

            What is "person-first" language and why is it important?
            What is APA style and why should I care?
            HELP! I need to do an observation and I don't know where to go!
            Reflective paper? What does *that* mean?

Vita and Other Personal Info

           Current Vita    
            Page of personal interests
Powerpoint Presentations Created:

Useful Links

Newsworthy and Noteworthy - current events in special education. I add news as I find it.
Special Education Links - a page of links for all disabling categories (very useful for students in education) and other information in special education, such as early intervention, places to buy adaptive materials, and sites on adapting lessons.
Recommended Books on Teaching and Special Education - these are the books that I have found useful, and could not live without!  Many of these go with me to schools, and anything that is on this list, I have read.  Contact me if you need more specific information on one of the titles listed.

Literature review information - Are you doing your first lit review? Or, have you done one, but didn't feel confident and would like some pointers? I've gathered some websites, created mostly by writing centers at other universities, that do an excellent job in outlining what you should include in a strong lit review:

Psychology Writing Center, University of Washington

The Writing Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Successful Lit Reviews, from the Dissertation Doctor
    Main Dissertation Doctor site -

Writing the Lit Review, University of Queensland
    main site - PhD – First Thoughts to Finished Writing

 If you are a doc student and feel you are in need of a little sympathy and support, there is a site for you! The site is called PhinisheD, and offers great suggestions and support for doc students at all stages of their writing. There is even a place where you can outline exactly what you plan to write that day, and compare notes at the end of the day with other students. Best of all, everyone there can understand exactly what you are going through, even if nobody else does!

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