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Microeconomics 102- Fall 2005, Oleson
Theodore Oleson


Your course key is:  XH3M-JWFP-R449

Course Fee: $60.00 USD.

To get started in Olesonís class, please do the following:

1.      Connect to http://econ.aplia.com.

2.      Click the Test Your System Configuration button on the Sign In page to run the Configuration Test.  It takes just a few seconds and provides detailed information on how to update your system if necessary.

Step 1: Sign up for Aplia

A.      Return to the Sign In page and click the Register Here link.

B.      Fill in the appropriate information and click continue.

C.      Enter your course key: XH3M-JWFP-R449

Step 2: Pay for Your Aplia Course ($60)

D.      Your course includes a digital edition (online version) of the textbook as well as interactive assignments.

E.      Instructions on the Aplia website walk you through the payment process.

F.       You can pay online with credit, debit, or electronic check. Aplia also accepts money orders mailed to: Aplia, Inc., 931 Terminal Way, San Carlos, CA 94070.

Returning Aplia Users:

A.      Return to the Sign In page and sign in using your usual e-mail and password.

B.      Enter your course key (above).

3.      Before entering your course, you will be prompted for payment. There is a 21-day grace period for this course. If your payment has not been received by 09.19.05, you will not be able to access the site until Aplia receives your payment. Please note that you will need to register for your course at least one hour prior to participating in any experiments.

4.      You may have an Aplia Payment Code for this course. You will have the option to use this code (which you may have received bundled with a textbook or purchased at the bookstore) when you are prompted for payment. Please remember that once opened, payment codes are not refundable.

Aplia Payment Code and Textbook FAQs

What is an Aplia Payment Code and how can I get one? The Aplia Payment Code is just another way to pay your Aplia course fee. If your course uses Aplia Payment Codes, you can find them bundled with your text or sold separately at your campus bookstore. Your Aplia Payment Code is different from your Aplia Course Key. The course key allows us to identify your economics class and professor; the payment code tells us that you prepaid part or all of your Aplia course fee when you purchased the code. An Aplia Payment Code has the following format: xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxx.

What if I purchase a payment code after paying for Aplia with my credit/debit card or electronic check?
We probably owe you some money. To speed up the refund process, sign into your Aplia course and go to the My Account tab for further instructions.

How do I access my textbook on the Aplia website?
A digital version of your textbook is available in your Aplia course. You can access textbook chapters on the Home page or through your weekly assignments.

Still have questions? Click the Aplia Support link at the bottom of any Aplia page or e-mail support@aplia.com. We will get back to you within one business day.


Aplia assignments: Most assignments come in pairs of practice problem sets and graded problem sets. Practice problem sets give you immediate feedback and an explanation of the correct answer. They do not count toward your homework grade. Use them to check your understanding of the material. If you feel confident about the material, you can go directly to the graded set and refer to the practice set only if you want some help.

The graded problem sets have a firm due date. You can change your answers as many times as you like before the due date passes. Once the due date passes, Aplia records your grade and you can no longer change your answers or complete the assignment. In other words, Aplia assignments must be done by the due date. The software does not understand excuses. Do your assignments early to keep last minute emergencies from getting in your way. After the due date, Aplia displays the correct answers and explanations for graded problems.

Student benefits of Aplia: Cramming is an ineffective learning method. Aplia lets you learn by doing - you can apply what you hear and see in the classroom and what you read in the text. Think of the regular assignments on Aplia as a weekly Economics workout. Regular work in Aplia will better prepare you for lectures and exams.

Disclaimer: I receive no monetary benefit from requiring Aplia assignments.