Timothy C. Roth II




                              University of Nevada, Reno 

                        Department of Biology, m/s 314

                        Reno, NV 89557


                        Email: TCROTH at UNR dot EDU

                        Phone: 775-784-4709

                        Fax: 775-784-1302 







General statement: I integrate the study of behavior, ecology, physiology, and neurobiology to understand the relationships between animals and their landscape.  The overarching goal of my research is to understand the process by which natural selection influences the use of space in animals, both from proximate and ultimate perspectives. In general, my research involves two major pursuits: 1) understanding the causes and consequences of movement and the use of space and 2) understanding predator/prey dynamics from the perspective of the predator. I am also very interested in 3) understanding the ecological relevance of sleep and hope to expand this line of research in the future. While most of my work focuses on birds, I am by no means taxon specific; I have published work on mammals, reptiles, and insects as well.  I work both in the field and in the lab, incorporating a wide variety of spatial, ecological, observational, and neurological techniques.


Specific Research Interests: Spatial use and movement; Predator/prey interactions; Sleep.

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