Feldman Lab


We are interested in a broad array of evolutionary, ecological, and conservation topics, primarily in reptiles and amphibians, ranging from simple questions of diet differences between sympatric lizards, to patterns of molecular evolution in specific snake proteins.  In general, our research program combines traditional field studies (i.e. collection of specimens and associated data in the wild) with emerging molecular genetic techniques (i.e. DNA sequence data, DNA fragment data, gene expression data) to address fundamental questions in these vertebrate systems. We typically  analyze these data in a phylogenetic framework which allows inferences about patterns of adaptive change, molecular evolution, fluctuations in population structure through time, and can even identify unique evolutionary lineages worthy of conservation attention.

Evolution, Ecology and Conservation Biology of Reptiles and Amphibians


    Chris R Feldman

    Department Biology (MS 314)

    University of Nevada, Reno

    1664 North Virginia Street

    Reno, NV 89557


    775-784-4053 (office)

    775-784-4729 (lab)

    775-784-1302 (fax)