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University of Nevada, Reno

Department of Geography

Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

Labratory of Ecological Biogeography
Dr. Tom Albright

Thomas Albright
Assistant Professor

talbright [at] unr.edu

Postdoctoral Fellow

Denis Mutiibwa

Denis Mutiibwa
Postdoc / Research Assistant

dmutiibwa [at] unr.edu

Grad Students

Giancarlo Sadoti Giancarlo Sadoti
PhD Student/ Research Assistant

gsadoti [at] syr.edu

David Simeral David Simeral
PhD Student

dave.simeral [at] gmail.com

Andrew Vitale Andrew Vitale
MS Student/ Research Assistant

vitale232 [at] gmail.com

Lab Technician

Sarah Hardage
Sarah Hardage
Undergraduate student/Programmer & Technician

sarah.hardage [at] gmail.com

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