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University of Nevada, Reno

Department of Geography

Program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

Labratory of Ecological Biogeography

Research in the Laboratory for Conservation Biogeography focuses on spatial dimensions of how plants, animals, and landscape climatic processes respond and contribute to environmental change.   We seek to contribute to basic scientific understanding as well as provide relevant information for conservation and management.  Along the way, we develop and apply a variety of tools and techniques including remote sensing, hierarchical and spatial statistical models, and environmental logger/sensor networks.

Please see below for more information on some current LCB projects:

Plants of the Great Basin and Central Asia: Surviving and thriving in cold deserts    

San Francisco Peaks Gradient Network

Snake Range topoclimate measurement and modeling

Avian demography, refugia and conservation in extreme weather and climate change

Desert Birds in a Warming World: Characterizing thermal stress with daily Earth observation data in complex terrain 


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