Parchman Research Page
Ponderosa pines, Estes Valley, Colorado
Biology Department
University of Nevada, Reno
Max Fleischman Agriculture Building
Room 147
1664 N. Virginia Street
Reno,  NV  89557-0314
My research is broadly focused on the coevolutionary consequences of species interactions and the genetic signatures of adaptive divergence, hybridization, and speciation. This research utilizes 1) field-based studies of natural selection, species interactions, and coevolution; 2) large-scale investigations of genetic variation important to understanding population history and adaptive evolution; and 3) model-based approaches to inferring the evolutionary processes affecting genetic variation. Much of my research has used evolutionary ecological approaches to study the coevolution of interactions between plants and seed predators, and to understand the role of coevolution in adaptive diversification. My current work utilizes large population genomic level data sets, involves computational and analytical approaches to genome-scale data analysis, and seeks to understand the genetic architectures of adaptation, hybridization, and speciation.
UNR has a PhD program in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (, and the Biology Department ( has a MS program. Prospective graduate students interested in joining my lab should look into these programs and contact me directly.