[me] Alex Kumjian, DMS 317 [truncated icosahedron]
email: alex(at)unr(dot)edu
(775) 784-4615 (fax: 6378)
Department of Mathematics
University of Nevada (084)
Reno, NV 89557

During the summer I will be traveling frequently and do not hold regular office hours. I'd prefer not to make appointments by email, unless you give me three or more different times when you are available. In the fall I will be teaching Math 311 and Math 713.

My field of research is a branch of Analysis called Operator Algebras. It is an intriguing mixture of Analysis and infinite dimensional Linear Algebra. It is a relatively new field that has its origins in the mathematical formalism of Quantum Mechanics. I am particularly interested in Operator Algebras that arise from Dynamical Systems. Here is some of my past work.

Here are slides for some recent talks:

The Dept of Mathematics & Statistics is located on the 3rd floor of the west wing of the Davidson Mathematics & Sciences Center.

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