Welcome to the Jeffrey laboratory website.  We are located at the University of Nevada, Reno Department of Chemistry and work in the areas of organic synthesis, natural products chemistry, and chemical-ecology. 


September 2014: UNR Profs. Dyer, Jeffrey, Smilanich, Robinson, Parchman, and Forister are awarded a Dimensions in Biodiversity Grant joint with Brazilian researchers:


March 2014:  Kaitlin McDermott earns a Lemay summer research fellowship and Korry Barnes wins the Chemistry Department’s graduate researcher award.

February 2014: Undergraduate researcher, Ashlyn Conlin is awarded a Gilead summer internship in drug discovery.

December 2013: Sarah Gebrezghi is awarded the McNair fellowship.

August 2013: Collaborative work with Prof. Ed Kolodiezj recieves funding from USDA and NSF for exploring the fate of steroidal contaminants in natural waters.

July 2013: Dr. Jeffrey delivers a plenary lecture at the 2013 Advanced School on Bioorganic Chemistry in Araraquara, Brazil.  Mike Leonard (2nd Year Graduate Student) and Dr. Lora Richards (UNR Research Faculty) were awarded with travel events to participate. 

September 2012: Dr. Jeffrey is awarded the CNPq Science Without Borders, Special Visiting Scientist Award through the Brazilian Government: 

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