Principal Investegator David T. Crowther

Nevada Earth / Space Science Initiative (NESSI) is a program designed to enhance the conceptual and activity-related Earth and space science content of 4 - 10th grade teachers and pre-service teachers in Northern Nevada.

Specific goals of the program are to:

A) Instill in participants a sense of confidence about their ability to learn and teach basic Earth and space science content in an inquiry manner that is transferable in the form of content knowledge to their students;

B) Make participants competent users of the National Science Education Standards and the revised Nevada Science Education Standards while having participants achieve mastery of Earth / science K-12 standards;

C) Foster professional growth, including presentation of content and methodology to peers in school, local, state, and national settings;

D) Make participants aware of the relationship between Earth / science and technology in the school, university, community, and industry;

E) Nurture the sense of community and collaboration among participants that is possible with an intensive, long-term program.

The Process

The project consists of guided inquiry investigations in rocks, minerals, soil, erosion, landforms, maps and GPS, plate tectonics, volcanoes, and solar system (earth, moon, solar system, and constellations).

The field component consists of field instruction, observations, collections, and applied knowledge tasks. Includes 5 days / 4 nights in central Nevada exploring geological formations.

Multiple opportunities will be provided for collecting rock and mineral samples at different public land areas.