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Last updated February 20th, 2019

Professor and DendroLab Director
Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES)
Environmental Science Faculty                     Hydrologic Sciences Faculty
Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Faculty
University of Nevada - Reno

Subject Matter Editor (2010-present), Ecosphere (the open-access journal of the Ecological Society of America)
Specialty Chief Editor (2013-present), Paleoecology (a section of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution)

Mailing Address: Mail Stop 0186, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557, USA
Skype Me™! skype              Office phone: + 1 (775) 784-6921               

Virtually visit the DendroLab, a full-service laboratory for tree-ring analysis, actively involved in the state-wide NevCAN project


  2014 Meeting on Mountain Observatories                   2014 Sabbatical at Harvard Forest

  2015 Article in Science                   2015 News on NevCAN

  2016 Workshop for a Spring Valley Field Station (Nevada Today)

  2017 Article in Nature (Woods Hole press release; Nevada Today story; CABNR's newsletter article)

  2018 Article in Ecology (Smithsonian Magazine report; Discover Magazine blog; article in National Geographic, also featured in the Spanish National Geographic).

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