Chris Herald, Associate Professor         
Core Mathematics Director
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
University of Nevada, Reno

Reno NV 89557

AB 621; phone (775) 784-4647; fax (775) 784-6378
My e-mail address is herald, followed by @, followed by



My research is in topology and geometry. I am interested in low-dimensional topology, knot theory, and gauge theoretic invariants of 3-dimensional manifolds. Some of my recent research publications have been joint with (different combinations of) Hans Boden, Paul Kirk and Charles Livingston. I have also been involved in three interdisciplinary research projects, with R.A. Wirtz in Mechanical Engineering, H. Moosmuller at DRI, and K. Facemyer in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. For more details about my research interests and publications, click here.


Fall 08 Teaching                                                          

This Fall I am teaching Math 331 Groups, Rings and Fields.  This class meets MWF 10:00-10:50 in AB 206. 


Core Mathematics                                                       

I am the Core Mathematics Director.  As such I oversee all of the department's pre-Core and Core courses.  The Core Mathematics website contains information about pre-Core and Core courses. Placement Testing for these courses is available here.  Please contact me if you have further questions about Core Mathematics.



I play guitar and dobro guitar.  I enjoy playing blues, ragtime, swing tunes, country and bluegrass. Sometimes I even combine music with mathematics, as in this concert by The Emissaries of Misery, a group of mathematician/musicians, which took place in connection with a MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute) Topology Conference in Berkeley, in August 2008.

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