Hutsler Laboratory 

Neuronal Organization of Developmental Disorders


Currently seeking Students with an Interest IN Cortical Connectivity and Autism Spectrum Disorders -- How to Apply


Understanding how the human cerebral cortex produces complex behaviors, has been a long-standing problem in neuroscience, and identifying the properties of the brain associated with these abilities is a difficult endeavor.  My research takes a unique approach to this problem by directly examining the organization of neurons within the human cortex and how the circuitry formed by these cells might be associated with cognitive abilities. In the past, to gain insight into this relationship, I have pursued questions regarding circuitry organization in cortical regions that are known to be functionally asymmetric, and the variation in cortical organization that occurs across species. Most recently my laboratory has focused on issues of cell patterning and cortical connectivity in autism spectrum disorders.  Atypical neuronal development provides a powerful opportunity for understanding the relationship between human cognitive abilities and the cortical circuits that support those abilities.


Jeffrey Hutsler, PhD

Cognitive and Brain Sciences Program

Department of Psychology & Program In Neuroscience

1664 N. Virginia Ave.  MS 296

University of Nevada

Reno, NV  89557


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