Finite Group Behavior
Now with a Calculator and improved Note Pad!
(A windows 95/98 program for learning beginning group theory)
by Bayard Webb and Ed Keppelmann

FGB 3.0 is now available! please try it out by clicking below.
Run the file you download and instructions will be provided to install FGB3.0 on your hard drive or a single diskette
Registration is Required For All Instructors (It's Free!!)

We are committed to providing FGB free of charge for anyone who wants it. However, in order
to see that support for an effort such as this is forthcoming from the universitites and portion of the mathematical community involved, it is essential that we be able to monitor how effectively and widely used (or not) this software is. This is why your registration is required and your testimonials, complaints,
or suggestions are highly encouraged.

Instructions to register:
       Send an email to  (with FGB as the subject) and include the following:

  1. 1   Your Name and the name of your school and the city where you are located.
  2. 2  Estimated enrollment in the class where FGB will be used or indicate that you are just playing     with the program and probably won't be teaching with it.
  3. 3 Do you wish to be on an email list to be notified about future upgrades or bug fixes?



    You can also send this information by regular mail or request that FGB3.0 be sent to you on diskette. Please write to

Dr. Edward Keppelmann
Department of Mathematics AB601 MS084
University of Nevada Reno
Reno Nevada 89557-0045

Do you wish to view written information about FGB? The following Latex files contain an overview of the software, hints for using it and a modest attempt to provide some learning materials intended specificlly for FGB. If you have a latex compiler then you can just click below to get these files. Otherwise give us your mailing address and we will send you whatever you wish by mail.

 FGB Article (Written for version 2.0)

Materials developed for ICTCM 2000:
 Overview of Version 3
 Exploring the group Axioms
 Subgroup Exercises
 Coset Exercises
 Group Calculator
 Fundamental Homomorphism Theorem

New features since the previous release:

Many new ideas are being considered for future improvements but they won't be pursued without your indication that this is a valuable and needed resource. Future ideas include big surprises that would facilitate students doing mini research or conjecture proof / disproof type of explorations. so STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!