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                                 Mary Finn Maples,  Ph.D., NCC



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Ph.D.              Oregon State University.  Major:  Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education.  Minor:  Business Administration (Organization Development)


M.Ed.              Massachusetts State College,  Bridgewater.  Major:  Counseling Psychology.  Minor:  Public School Administration.


University of Rhode Island -  NDEA Career Guidance and Testing Institute.


Boston University - NDEA Guidance Institute - Organization and Administration of Guidance Services.


B.S.                 Massachusetts State College,  Salem.  Majors:  Elementary Education and Physical Science.


Professional Experience


1981-Present            Professor, Counseling and Educational Psychology (CEP), University of Nevada-Reno, and Coordinator, College Student Development Graduate Program.


1999-Present           Adjunct Faculty, National Center for State Courts, Williamsburg,                                   VA.


1985-1999                 Adjunct Faculty, National Council for Juvenile & Family Court Judges.


1982-1983                 Administrative Associate, to Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Nevada-Reno (.50 FTE).


1979-1980                 President, American Counseling Association (then APGA), national organization representing over 60,000 members engaged in the counseling, and student personnel profession.


1977-1981                 Associate Professor, Counseling and Personnel Services (CAPS) Department, College of Education, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada.


1974-1977                 Evaluation Consultant, Corvallis, Oregon School District (.50 FTE).  Responsible for coordination and implementation of standardized testing program for 18,000 student district.


1974-Present            Consultant, Interpersonal Communications and Group Dynamics - Business and Industry.


1969-1974                 Director of Guidance Services, Linn-Benton Intermediate Education District (County Education Office), Albany, Oregon.  Organized and initiated guidance program for county office (48 school districts); supervised child development specialist staff (elementary school counselors) administered and supervised the county guidance and testing program (100 schools).


1966-1969                 Dean of Students and Director of Counseling, Marylhurst College, Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Administered and supervised student services, food service, resident living, student government programs and staff for 800 resident and 400 commuting students.  Designed counseling program.


1965-1966                     Counselor, Test Consultant and P.E. Teacher, Kenai, Alaska,                                 Borough School District, grades 7-9.  Organized testing program

                                for grades 1-12 (25 schools).



1961-1965                                Assistant Director of Guidance Services, Regional High School

                               District (grades 9-12), Bridgewater, Massachusetts.  Designed,

                               organized and administered guidance program for newly

                               designed school




Professional Service (National and Regional)


External Reviewer, University of New Mexico Counselor Education Program, Nov, 2001


CACREP Accreditation team member, Duquesne University                           May, 2001


Keynote, Council of Chief Justices of the United States Supreme Courts,

            “Leadership Collegiality and Personality:  Exploring the

Relationship”, Austin, TX                                                                                   Jan. 2000


Consultant, Illinois Appellate Court System, Galena, Stress Utilization for

            the Judiciary                                                                                                       Oct. 1999


Consultant, Administrative Office of the Courts, “Values and Attitudes in Judicial

Decision-Making”, Pahrump, NV                                                                     Jan. 1999


Consultant, National Judicial College, “Leadership for the Next

Millennium”                                                                                                          Oct. 1998


CACREP Accreditation team member, Virginia Technological University             Nov. 1999


Chair, CACREP Accreditation Visit, University of New Mexico                   Feb. 1998


Chair, CACREP Accreditation Visit, St. Mary’s University, Texas                        June 1997


External National Reviewer, University of Colorado, Denver                                March 1996


Member, National Board of Directors-Council for the Accreditation of

Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)                                      1995-01

            Chair, Committee on Team and Chair Training                                                1997-01

            Chair, Standards 2001 Revision Team Selection Committee                        1996-97

            Chair, Future Structures Committee                                                                        1997


Consultant, Pro-Net, a Division of JOIN, Nevada                                    1994-Present


Chair, CACREP Accreditation Visit, University of Maryland                                      1996


Member, CACREP Accreditation Team, North Texas State University                     1995      

Consultant, Arizona Supreme Court, “Active Listening for the Judiciary”,

            Scottsdale, AZ                                                                                                  June 1997


Consultant, Tennessee Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Programs, “Characteristics of Adult Learners”                                                         1992


Consultant, Virginia Supreme Court, “Values and Attitudes in Judicial

Decision-Making”                                                                                                      1992


Consultant, Nevada Public Service Commission, “Strategic Planning for the 21st Century”                                                                                                                 1992


Accreditation Team Member, (CACREP), Bradley University, Illinois                        1991


National Convention Chair, Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values

in Counseling (ASERVIC), AACD Convention                                                1991


Consultant, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, “Values

and Attitudes in Judicial Decision Making”                                                    1990-1999


Consultant, Fort Mohave Tribal Council (Nevada, Arizona, Colorado)

Stress Management for Judicial and Law Enforcement Officers              March 1990


Consultant, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Adult Learning Characteristics; Instructional Design                                     1985-1994


Consultant, Marylhurst College, Oregon Curriculum Development in

the Social Services                                                                                                     1989


Consultant, Second Judicial District Court, Nevada Staff Morale Building;

Conflict Resolution and Stress Management                                                          1989


Consultant, Mainstream, Inc. - Kansas Judicial Education Conference

Small Group Dynamics and Interaction                                                                    1989


Accreditation Team Member (CACREP), Council for the Accreditation of

Counseling and Related Educational Programs, Northern Illinois

University, Deklab                                                                                              Nov. 1988


Reviewer, National Teachers' Exam (NTE), Counselor Section                               Nov. 1988


Consultant, Texas Education Agency, Austin Learning Styles for

School Counselors                                                                                               1986-87


Consultant, California Society of Radiological Technologists

Self-Esteem and Stress Power                                                                                  1986


Consultant, Lypho-Med Insurance Company, Chicago, IL

Self-Concept and Stress                                                                                       1986-87


Accreditation Team Member, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher

Education (NCATE) Weber State College, Ogden, Utah                             Feb. 1986



Participant, Conference on Recommended Revisions of NCATE Standards,

AACTE, San Diego                                                                                             May 1984


Accreditation Team Member (CACREP), Sonoma State University,

Counselor Education, Council for the Accreditation of Counseling

and Related Educational Programs                                                                  Nov. 1983


Accreditation Team Member, San Diego State University, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)                                                                                            April 1983


Accreditation Team Member (CACREP), University of New Mexico, Counselor Education Program, Council for the Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs      March 1982


Accreditation Team Member  (NCATE), University of Arizona, College of

Education, Tucson, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher

Education                                                                                                            Nov. 1981


Member, National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE),

Accreditation Visiting Teams Member                                                               1981-86

Council Member                                                                                                     1978-80

Constitution and By-Laws Committee Member                                                  1979-80


Correctional Services Council Member, Southwest Regional Research Laboratory (SERL), Los Alamitos, California                                                                                                                 1980-83


Accreditation Team Member (NASC), Northwest Association of Schools

and Colleges                                                                                                          1981-86


State Advisory Council Member, State of Nevada Elementary and Secondary

Education Act, 1965 (ESEA), Title IV                                                                  1978-79


Member, Developmental Policy Planning and Legislative Alternatives Panel in Career/Vocational Guidance and Counseling, Division of Secondary Occupational Planning and Guidance and Counseling, U. S. Department

of Education                                                                                                           1979-80


National Advisory Council Member, Models for Career Guidance of the

Handicapped, Educational and Human Development, Inc., Boston,

Massachusetts                                                                                                       1979-80


Advisory Board Member, Educational Research in Counseling (ERIC), A National Institute of Education (NIE) Project                                                                                                                     1979-80



Reactor, Reorganization of Middle School Systems, Ann Arbor Public Schools,

Ann Arbor, Michigan                                                                                                    1980


Board of Visitors Member, University of Oregon, School of Education                       1975-78


Consultant in Human Relations to National Agency for Instructional Television

(NAIT), Bloomington, Indiana                                                                                1975-76


Consultant and Item Writer on Assessment of Interpersonal Skills for

Education Commission of the States, National Assessment for Education Programs (NAEP)                                                                                                     1975-76


Advisory Council Member, State of Oregon, Elementary and Secondary

Education Act, 1965 (ESEA), Title III                                                                   1971-74


Consultant on Career Development for Oregon State Department of Education Workshops, for Elementary and Secondary School Counselors                                                                     1970-74


Director of Project-Child Development Specialist (CDS)

Authored and awarded Federal Grant to Linn and Benton County Schools (Oregon), for Juvenile Delinquency Act of 1968, Title I, Preventive Services. ($350,000)

Administered and supervised responsibilities of four (4) elementary guidance counselors        1970-1974


Research, Publications and Scholarly Activities


Refereed Articles, Chapters, Monographs


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              Collaboration between academic and student development faculty.  About



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Advisory Board Member, The Family Journal. Journal of the International  Association

            for Marriage & Family Counseling (1999-2002)


Editorial Board Member, Journal of College Counseling, Journal of the American College Counseling Association (1996-1999).


Editorial Board Member, Journal of Counseling and Development, Journal of the American Association for Counseling and Development (1986-1992); (1993-1997).


Member, Editorial Advisory Board, American Association for Counseling and Development (1986-1993).


Editorial Board Member, Counselor Education and Supervision, Journal of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, 1983-1986.


Editorial Board Member, Together, Journal of the Association for Specialists in Group Work.  (ASGW), 1976-1979.


Editorial Board Member, The School Counselor, Journal of the National American School Counselor Association, 1973-1976.



Workshops, Programs and Speeches (National-International)


Baby-Boomers and the Third Millennium: Gero-Counseling Comes of Age

            (with Capuzzi, Gysbers, Gazda, Myers & Cooper) Annual Convention, ACA

            New Orleans, LA  (2002)


Celebrating the “Next Greatest” Generation:  Transitioning Baby Boomers into the “Golden Age”.  Annual Convention ACA, San Antonio, TX, (2001)


Spirituality in Adult Development:  Implications for Counseling.  Annual Convention, ACA, San Antonio, TX, (2001)


Gerocounseling 2001:  Transitioning from Baby Boomers to Young Old.  Annual Convention, ACA, Washington, DC (2000)


Holistic Adult Development:  A Spirituality Perspective.  International Conference On Culture & Spirituality.  Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (1999)


Crucial Influence of Values & Attitudes in Personal and Professional Decision-making.  ACA national convention.  (with Stephen Maples) San Diego, CA (1999)


Application of Humor in Counseling Ethnically Diverse College Students:  Appropriate or Inappropriate (with others) ACA national convention, San Diego, CA (1999) and Indianapolis, IN (1998)


Legacies in Counselor Education:  Making Way for the Next Generation, ACA Convention, Orlando, (1997)


Spirituality in Adult Development:  Implications for Counseling, NCA Convention, Reno, (1997)


Train the Trainer-Implementing Medical and Legal Issues, NCJFCJ, Santa Fe, New Mexico, (1997)


Active Listening for the Judiciary, Arizona Supreme Court, Scottsdale, (1997)


Values and Attitudes in Employee Demeanor, AOC, Laughlin, NV (1997)


Personal and Professional Renewal:  Keys to Effective Judging, NCJFCJ (1997)


Holistic Adult Development - A Spirituality Perspective, Administrative Office of the Courts.  Chelan, WA, (1996).


Values & Ethics, Administrative Office of the Courts.  Olympia, WA, (1996).


Faith, Law and Morality Individual Spirituality and Courtroom Justice.  Roanoke, VA, NCJFCJ,(1995).


Personal Renewal:  Key to Effective Judging.  Reno, NV, NCJFCJ. (1994, 95, 96).


Values and Attitudes in Judicial Decision Making:  A Cultural Diversity Perspective.  Minnesota Supreme Court, (1995).


Advanced Judicial Training: Improving Goal Setting.  Washington, DC: SJI


Spirituality, Ethics, Religion & Values in Counseling: Seeking Commonality and Celebrating Diversity.  ACA Convention, Minneapolis, MN, (1994).


From Knowing to Doing.  Utilizing Values and Attitudes in Designing Diversity Curriculum.  National Association of State Judicial Educators.  Philadelphia, PA, (1994).


Consulting with the Judiciary:  A Challenge to Counselor Educators, ACA National Convention, Atlanta, GA (1993).


Employment as a Counselor Educator, National Conference, ACES, San Antonio, TX, (1992).


Professional Development Leader, ACES National Conference.  Workshop for State Leaders, San Antonio, TX, (1992).


Motivation in the Workplace, National Convention ISIA, Reno, NV, May, (1992).


Spirituality in Adult Development, National Convention of the American Counseling Association, Baltimore, MD, (1992).


Counselor Educators for the 21st Century:  A crucial problem.  Western ACES, Seattle, WA, (1990). (received Outstanding Program Award).


Motivation in the Workplace:  From CEO to CEO.  Annual Convention, U. S. Postmasters Association, (October, 1990).

Professionalism and Motivation.  Annual Convention, U. S. Federal Highway Administrators Association, (May, 1990).


50 Years of Women in ACES:  A Look to the Future.  AACD National Convention, Cincinnati, OH (March, 1990).


Stress in Tribal Law Enforcement.  Fort Mohave Tribal Council, Laughlin, NV, (March, 1990).


Counselors Need Caring Too.  Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Asilomar, CA, (November,1989).


Spirituality in Adult Development:  Implications for Counseling.  Annual Convention, American Association for Counseling and Development(AACD), Boston, MA,(March, 1989 with W. F. Whalen).


The Mentor/Protege Relationship:  A Professional Form of Caring.  Annual Convention, American Association for Counseling and Development (AACD),  Boston, MA, (March, 1989 with W. F. Whalen, J. Miranti, P. Jones and C. Baldwin).


Leadership:  Charting the Future of Counselor Education.  First Annual Convention, Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES), St. Louis, MO, (October, 1988 with W. T. Remley).


Reaction Speech, Priorities for School Counseling in the 21st Century  (to Mary Futrell, NEA President), First Annual Conference, Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES), St. Louis, MO, (October, 1988).


Spirituality in Transitional College Students:  Beyond Campus Ministry.  Annual Convention, American Association for Counseling and Development (AACD), Chicago, IL, (March, 1988 with W. F. Whalen).


Counselors Need Caring, Too:  Developing Support Networks.  Annual Convention, American Association for Counseling and Development (AACD), Chicago, IL, (March, 1988 with W. F. Whalen).


Job Satisfaction.  National Association of Accountants Annual Meeting, Reno, NV, (April, 1988).


Superstar Self.  American Society of Engineers in Education.  Annual Conference, Reno, (June, 1987).


The Counselor as a Learning Consultant.  Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Portland, Oregon, (November, 1987).


Self-Esteem in the Workplace.  National Lypho-Med Insurance Company, Annual Conference, Maui, HI, (February, 1987).


Self-Esteem and Stress.   Annual Convention, California Society for Radiological Technology, Sacramento, CA, (September, 1986).


The Superstar Self.  Annual Convention, Western Association of Radiological Technologists, Reno, NV, (April, 1986).


Self Concept and Reading Achievement.  International Reading Association, Reno, NV, (March, 1986).


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How to Keep Your Job.  International Association for Personnel and Employment Security, Las Vegas, NV, (May, 1985).


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Characteristics of the Adult Learner.  National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, (January, 1985).


Dean's View of Counselor Education.  Annual Convention, Western Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Monterey, CA, (November, 1984).


Superstar and Self-Concept.  Convocation of Faculty, Utah Technical College, Salt Lake City, UT, (September, 1984).


Principles of Instructional Design.  National Council of Family Court and Juvenile Judges, (May, 1984).


Self-Concept and Career Development.  Annual Convention, Western Association of Student Employment Administrators, Las Vegas, NV, (April, 1984).


Conflict Resolution in Dual Career Marriages.  (with Dr. Newsom Maples), National Convention, American Association for Counseling and Development, Houston, TX, (March, 1984).


Dual Career Marriages:  Implications for the Family.  Annual Convention, Nevada Personnel and Guidance Association, Las Vegas, NV, (November, 1983).


The Superstar Self: Bottom Line in Developmental Counseling.  Annual Convention, Nevada Personnel and Guidance Association, Las Vegas, NV,(November, 1983).


Group Conflict Resolution.  Elko General Hospital Management Staff, Elko, NV, (April, 1983).


Self-Concept Development.  Annual Convention, Western Association of Cooperative and Work Experience Educators, Reno, NV (February, 1983).


Counselor Supervision: Shaping up to Avoid Shipping Out.  Annual Convention, Western Association for Counselor Education and supervision, Seattle, WA, (November, 1982).


Mentoring and Networking.  Annual Convention, Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, Seattle, WA, (November, 1982).


Dual Career Marriages: What Makes Them Successful?  Southern Association of Counselor Education and Supervision, San Antonio, TX, (September, 1982).


Problem Resolution Between Counselor Educators and Supervisors.  Annual Convention, Southern Association for Counselor Education and Supervision, San Antonio,TX, (September, 1982).


Mentoring and Caring.  (with C. Gilbert Wrenn).  Annual Convention, American Personnel and Guidance Association, Detroit, MI, (March, 1982).


Wrenn-Maples Invitational on Consulting,  with Search Institute, Detroit, MI, (March, 1982).


Expectations of Chief State School Officers of Counselor Educators and Supervisors,  Annual Convention, American Personnel and Guidance Association, St. Louis, MO, (1981).


Women in Management,  Annual Convention, Alaska Women in Educational Administration, Anchorage, AL, (October, 1981).


Counselors Dare to Care, West Virginia Personnel and Guidance Association, Annual Convention, Charleston, WV, (May, 1980).


A Positive Approach to Counselor Burn-Out,  Annual Convention, West Virginia Personnel and Guidance Association, Charleston, WV, (May, 1980).


Forging Linkages Through Competency Renewal,  Annual Convention, West Virginia Personnel and Guidance Association, Charleston, WV, (May, 1980).


New Professionals.  Annual Convention, American College Personnel Association, Boston, MA, (May, 1980).


Dual Career Marriages: Secrets to Success.  Annual Convention, Ohio Personnel and Guidance Association, Columbus, OH, (April, 1980).


Counselors' Self-Concept.  Annual Convention, Ohio Personnel and Guidance Association, Columbus, OH, (April, 1980).


Counselors Need Caring Too.  Annual Workshop, California State University-Stanislaus, College of Education, Turlock, CA, (April, 1980).


Making It in Marriage: Professional Couples.  Annual National convention, American Personnel and Guidance Association, Atlanta, GA, (March, 1980).


Leadership Development: Grass Roots to National.  Annual Convention, Hawaii Personnel and Guidance Association, Honolulu, HI, (March, 1980).


Counselors Need Caring, Too.  Annual Convention, Hawaii Personnel and Guidance Association, Honolulu, HI, (March, 1980).


Future Perspectives on Guidance and Counseling.  Annual Conference, Alaska School Counselor Association, Anchorage, Alaska, (March, 1980).


Counselors and Wellness.  Annual Convention, New Mexico Personnel and Guidance Association, Sante Fe, New Mexico, (March, 1980).


Teacher Education in the '80's.  Annual National Convention, Association of Teacher Educators, Washington, D.C., (February, 1980).

A Wellness Program for Helpers.  Annual Convention, North Carolina Personnel and Guidance Association, Winston-Salem, NC, (February, 1980).


Stress Management: Twentieth Century Challenge.  Annual Convention, North Carolina Personnel and Guidance Association, Winston-Salem, NC, (February, 1980).


Professional Leadership: Whither Thou Goest?  Annual Convention, Minnesota Personnel and Guidance Association, St. Paul, MN, (February, 1980).


Family Implications in Dual Career Marriages. (with Dr. Newsom Maples).  Annual Meeting, National Capitol Personnel and Guidance Association, McCulley Conference, Baltimore, MD, (December, 1979).


Developing Leadership Potential.  Western Region Branch Assembly Fall Meeting, American Personnel and Guidance Association, Albuquerque, NM, (November, 1979).


Western Leadership and APGA.  Western Region Branch Assembly Fall Meeting, American Personnel and Guidance Association, Albuquerque, NM, (November, 1979).


Leadership and APGA.  Annual Meeting, Southern Region Branch Assembly, American Personnel and Guidance Association, San Antonio, TX, (October, 1979).


Self-Caring Begins at Home.  Annual conference, Personnel and Guidance Association, Portland, OR, (October, 1979).


Elementary School Counseling:  A Model Program.  Annual Conference, Oregon Personnel and Guidance Association, Portland, OR, (October, 1979).


State of the Profession, 1980.  Annual Meeting, Midwest Region Branch Assembly, American Personnel and Guidance Association, Sioux Falls, SD (October, 1979).


Key Issues for Counseling in the ‘80’s.  Annual Conference, Southern Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Daytona Beach, FL, (October, 1979).


Counselor Educators and Supervisors:  A Survival Model.  Annual Conference, North Central Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Lake Geneva, WI, (October, 1979).


Where Do Counselors Go to Cry?  Annual Conference, Nebraska Personnel and Guidance Association, Lincoln, NE, (September, 1979).


Guidance and Counseling Issues for the ‘80’s.  National Leadership Conference, American School Counselors Association, Boston, MA, (August, 1979).


Self-Caring and the Helping Professional. H.B. McDaniel Memorial Conference, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, (June, 1979).


The Humanistic Educator:  Basic Ingredients.  Annual Luncheon Meeting, Association for Humanistic Education and Development, Washington, D.C., (March, 1979).


Counseling and Caring.  Annual Convention, Alabama Personnel and Guidance Association, Jackson, MI, (November, 1978).


Counseling and Superstar Status.  Annual Convention, Mississippi Personnel and Guidance Association, Jackson, MI, (November, 1978).


Leadership Workshop.  American School Counselors Regional Meeting, Denver, CO, (1975).


The Nature of Caring and Counselors.  Annual Conference, Southern Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Nashville, TN, (October, 1978).


Conference on Status of Guidance and Counseling, United States Office of Education, Baltimore, MD, (September, 1978).


The Heart of Teaching.  Diocesan Teachers, Huntington, West VA, (August, 1978).


Human Relations Training for School Administrators.  North Carolina board of Education, Alamance County, NC, (July, 1978).


Teachers Who Teach People.  Graduate Convocation, University of Alabama, Montevallo, AL, (June, 1978).


The Heart of Teaching: Dealing with Teachers' Feelings.  Annual Conference, Southern Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, New Orleans, LA, (October, 1977).


Human Relations Training Workshop, Oregon Association for Education Secretaries, (1977).


Fiscal Management Workshop, American Personnel and Guidance Association Convention, Dallas, TX, (1977).


Human Relations Training Workshop, Bureau of Indian Affairs, South-Eastern State University, Durant, OK, (1977).


Interpersonal Communications Training Workshop, Department of Counselor Education, Oregon State University, (1977).


The Heart of Teaching.  Human Relations Workshop for the Agency for Instructional Television, Bloomington, IN, (1976).


Finance and Budget Management.  Branch Leadership Workshop, American Personnel and Guidance Association Annual National convention, Chicago, IL, (1976).


Human Relations Training Workshop. Annual Convention, Utah Personnel and Guidance Association, Salt Lake City, UT, (1976).


Human Relations Workshop. Western Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Honolulu, HI, (1975).


Theories and Examples of Human Potentiality.  Annual National convention, American Personnel and Guidance Association, NY, (1975).


Workshop of Human Relations for Teachers of Bilingual Students. University of Arizona, Santa Cruz Project, (1975).


Role of Self-Concept in Professional Development.  Alpha Delta Kappa State Convention, Corvallis, OR, (1975).


Guidance Management Systems Model.  Annual Convention, California Personnel and Guidance Association, San Francisco, CA, (1973).


Teacher and Child in Elementary School Guidance Process.  Siskiyou County, CA, (1973). 



Workshops, Programs and Speeches (State, Local)


Gracious Confrontation.  University of Nevada Affirmative Action Dep’t.  (1999)


Steamwork: Effective Team-Building.  Pro-Net of Nevada (1998)


Dealing with Disagreeable People Agreeably.  Pro-Net of Nevada (1998)


Spirituality:  The Missing Link in Counseling.  Nevada Counseling Association, (1996).


Self-Esteem After Downsizing.  Pronet, (1995).


Beyond Renew:  Spirituality in Adult Development.  St. Paul's Church, Winnemucca,  (1994).


Motivation in Workplace.  American Federal Savings Management Division (Advanced training conference), Reno, (1994).


Where Does the Counselor Go to Cry:  Support Groups for Healthy Helpers.  Nevada Counseling Association, Annual Convention, (1994).


Homeless Need Counseling, Too.  Annual Convention, Western ACES.  Berkeley, CA, (1993).


National Leadership Opportunities for New Counselor Educators,  Annual Convention, ACES, Atlanta, GA, (1993).


Spirituality in Adult Development: Implications for Counseling.  Annual Convention, Nevada Counseling Association, Sparks, NV, (1992).


Conflict Resolution, St. Mary's Women's Center, December and (May, 1992).


Self-Esteem and Your Future,  Carson High School, (May, 1992).


Fundamental Skills Training Curriculum for Juvenile Probation Officers, Reno, January, (1992).


Spirituality in Adult Development, Westwood Retirement Club, (June, 1991).


Conflict Resolution, Executive Housekeepers Association, (March, 1991).


Self-Esteem for Teen Life Program Directors, St. Albert's Church, (January-February, 1991).


Job Satisfaction, U.S. Bureau of Mines, Reno, (December, 1990).


Spirituality in Adult Development, Nursing Staff, Physician's Hospital, Reno, (October, 1990).


Self-Esteem: Children's and Parents', Snows Parents, (March, 1990).


The Superstar Self - Kiwanis Club, Lake Tahoe, (April, 1989).


St. Paul's Church, Winnemucca, (April, 1989).


Self-Esteem in the Workplace,  Internal Revenue Service & Bankruptcy Court, Reno, (March, 1989).


Group Conflict Resolution,  Veteran's Administration Supervisory Staff, Reno, (March, 1989).

Stress Utilization in the Home & Workplace, Elko, Nevada, (February, 1989).


Conflict Resolution, Second Judicial Court, Reno, (January, 1989).


Decision-Making for the Newly Alone.  UNR Cooperative Extension Service, (October, 1988).


The Superstar Self.  Northern Nevada Builders Association, (September, 1988).


The Future is Now.  Fallon Senior Citizens, (September, 1988).


Self-Esteem in the Workplace.  American Production and Inventory Control Society, (September, 1988).


Application of the Superstar Self.  Nevada Department of Parole and Probation, (May, 1988).


The Superstar Self.  Beta Alpha Psi, UNR, (May, 1988).


Conflict Resolution.  National Executive Housekeepers Association, (March, 1988).


Job Satisfaction.  National Association of Accountants, (April, 1988).


Conflict Resolution.  American Society of Women Accountants, (February, 1988).


Job Satisfaction.  Nevada District Health Department, (December, 1987).

Conflict Resolution.  WIC Program, Nevada State Health Department, (October, 1987).


Stress Management for Parents.  Educare Academy, Carson City, (August, 1987).


Conflict Resolution.  Nevada District Health Supervisors, Reno, (May, 1987).


Carson School District - Evaluation of Counseling Program at Carson High School, (April-June, 1987).


Leaders of Tomorrow.  Nevada State Girl Scout Council, Government Day, Carson City, (April, 1987).


Conflict Resolution.  Veteran's Administration Management Personnel, Reno, (March, 1987).


Joy of Being You.  Sierra Nevada Job Corps, (February, 1987), Implementation, Campus Christian Association, UNR, (January, 1987).


Interpersonal Skills For Teachers: The Counselor as Model.  Annual Convention, Nevada Counseling and Guidance Association, Reno, (November, 1986).


The Superstar Self.  UNR Management Personnel, (July, 1986).


Stress and Self-Concept.  Northern Nevada Equal Employment Opportunity Division, Reno, (March, 1986).


Joy of Being Me.  In-service Day Washoe County School District, Reno, (March, 1986).


Joy of Being Me. Nevada State Health Division, (March, 1986).


Conflict Resolution.  Nevada Division of Employment Security, Reno, (February, 1986).


Conflict Resolution.  Annual Convention, International Right-of-Way Association, Nevada Chapter, Reno, (January, 1986).


Caring Begins at Home.  Nevada Diocese Religious Educators, Reno, (October, 1985).


Superstar and Self-Esteem.  Delta Kappa Gamma, Reno, (October, 1985).


Job Satisfaction.  International Right-of-Way Association, Reno, (September, 1985).


Superstar Self.  Special Education Camp Counselors, Lake Tahoe, (July, 1985).


Superstar in the Work Place.  State Industrial Insurance System, Carson City, (April, 1985).


Dual-Career Marriages.  Nevada Apartment Owner's Association, (January, 1985).


Self-Concept and Career Development.  Annual Convention, Nevada Counseling and Guidance Association, (November, 1984).


Conflict Resolution.  Nevada State Department of Education, Carson City, (October, 1984).


Conflict Resolution.  Nevada State Department of Education, Carson City, (October, 1984).


Positive Dimensions of Stress.  Nevada State Conference of Religious Educators, Reno, (October, 1984).


Focus on the Single Life.  Annual Convention, Nevada Home Economics Association, Reno, (October, 1984).


Group Conflict Resolution.  Annual Meeting, Nevada Association of Credit Women, Reno, (May, 1984).


Conflict Resolution.  Spring Meeting, Nevada Health Department, Reno, (May, 1984).


Self-Concept and the Reading Teacher.  Annual Meeting, Nevada Chapter, International Reading Association, Reno, (May, 1984).


The Superstar Self.  Annual Careers Conference, National Marketing Association, Nevada Chapter, University of Nevada, Reno, (March, 1984).


Bridging the Generation Gap.  Spring Meeting, Little Flower Parents' Club, (February, 1984).


Superstar and the Self-Concept.  Annual Meeting, National Association of Accountants, Nevada Chapter, Reno, (February, 1984).


Dual Career Marriages, What They Are and Are Not!  Reno YWCA, (January, 1984).


Stress Power and the Self-Concept.  Annual Meeting, Nevada Credit Union League, Reno, (January, 1984).


The Superstar Self--Key to Self-Concept Development.  Wittenberg Hall School for Incarcerated Juveniles, (November, 1983).


Group Conflict Resolution.  Staff of Washoe County Association for Retarded Citizens, (November, 1983).


Superstar Self.  Annual Meeting, Beta Alpha Psi Business Fraternity, UNR, (April, 1983).


Stress Power.  Professional Service Day, McQueen High School, (February, 1983).


Conflict Resolution in Groups.  Annual Convention, Nevada Personnel and Guidance Association, Lake Tahoe, (November, 1982).


Positive Dimensions of Stress.  St. John's Singles' Group, Reno, (October, 1982).


Understanding and Working with Stress.  Annual Meeting, Nevada Judges' Association, Fallon, (June, 1982).


Developing Understanding of Self and Others.  Libby C. Booth Elementary School, Reno, (April, 1982).


Stress in the Teaching Profession.  O'Brien Middle School Faculty, (March, 1982).

Stress Power - Its Uses and Abuses.  Washoe County Toastmistresses, (March, 1982).


The Superstar Self.  Hug High School, Home Economics Program, (December, 1981).


Developing Human Potential.  Washoe County School District, (November, 1981).


Interagency Cooperation: Communication and Staff Development.  Annual Convention, Western Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Pismo Beach, California, (November, 1981).


Stress Power: Thoughts for the Type A Personality.  Western Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors, Pismo Beach, California, (November, 1981).


Developmental Counseling and Job Satisfaction: A Cause/Effect Relationship.  American Society for Training and Development, Sierra Nevada Chapter, (October, 1981).


Dual Career Marriages:  Do Opposites Attract?  Nevada Personnel and Guidance Association, Las Vegas, (October, 1981).


Evaluation in the '80's.  Annual Meeting, Washoe County School Administrators, (August, 1981).


Stress Power: Help for the Helper.  Annual Convention, Nevada Personnel and Guidance Association, Reno, (November, 1981).


National Symposium on Violence and Youth, (November, 1980).


Counseling and CETA.  CETA/Secondary School Counselors Workshop, Clark County, Las Vegas, (September, 1980).


Stress Among Educators.  International Reading Association, Reno Chapter, (March, 1980).


Stress and the School Administrator.  Nevada Association of School Administrators, Tonopah, (November, 1979).


Institute Day, Teacher Self-Concept.  Carson City Schools, (February, 1979).


Stress on the Job.  Phi Delta Kappa, Reno Chapter, (January, 1979).


Counselors Need Caring, Too.  Annual Conference, Nevada Personnel and Guidance Association, Lake Tahoe, (November 1978).


Human Relations for Teachers.  Whittell High School, Lake Tahoe, (Spring, 1978).

Stress Management.  Traner Middle School, Reno, (Spring, 1978).


Human Relations for Teachers.  Rita Cannan Elementary School, Reno, NV  (1978).



Courses Taught (on a regular basis)


CEP 330 - Educational Psychology

CEP 660 - Group Dynamics

CEP 614 - College Student Development Services

CEP 716 - Counseling in Higher Education

CEP 770 - Counseling Internship, Higher Education and Schools

CEP 774 - College Student Development Internship

CEP 780 – Legal & Ethical Issues in Counseling

CEP 794 - Colloquia in College Counseling

CEP 790 - Clinical Supervision


Professional Organization Involvement


American Counseling Association

Governing Council Member                                                                                  1992-95

President                                                                                                              1979-80

Life Member, (since 1980)                                                                                                 

Accreditation Team Leader and Member                                                 1983-Present

Chair, Nominations and Elections Committee                                                   1980-81

Editorial Board, Journal for Counseling and Development           1987-90; 1990-96

Chair, Long-Range Planning Committee                                                           1978-79

Treasurer                                                                                                                 1976-77

Media Committee                                                                                1977-78; 1980-81

Media Review Board                                                                                            1986-90

Board of Directors Member                                               1972-75; 1976-77; 1978-81

Executive Committee of Board                              1974-75; 1976-77; 1978-81

Chair, Board Committee on Finance                                                      1973-75

Chair, Leadership Development Task Force                                                    1973-74

President, Western (13 states) Region of APGA                                            1972-75

Treasurer, Western Region                                                                                  1972-75

Senator                                                                                                  1972-73; 1978-81

Branch Council Member                                                                                            1972


American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE)

Institutional Liaison                                                                                                1984-86


American College Counseling Association (ACCA)

Charter Member                                                                                       1991 to present

Chair, National Awards Committee                                                                    1992-93

National Representative to ACA Governing Council                                        1992-95

            National Representative to CACREP                                                                1996-99

            Editorial Board Member, JCC


Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

National Board of Directors                                                                             1995-2001

Chair, Training Committee                                                                               1996-2001

Chair, Nominations & Elections Committee                                                   2000-2001

Chair, 2001 Standards Revision Selection Committee                                    1997-98

Team Chair and Visitor                                                                                1983-present


American College Personnel Association (ACPA)

Board of Directors, Commission XII, Preparation Programs in

College Student Personnel                                                                      1988-89

Life Member                                                                                                     Since 1985


American School Counselor Association

Editorial Board Member                                                                                       1973-75

National Chair, Leadership Development                                                          1975-76


Association for Counselor Education and Supervision                                     1961-Present

Chair, Professional Development and Leadership Committee                   1988-1995

Editorial Board Member                                                                                       1983-86

Member, Mentoring and Networking Committee                                              1981-84

President, Western (7 states) Region                                                               1976-77

Chair, Leadership Development                                                                          1975-76

Program Chair, Annual Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii                                            1975

Executive Council                                                                                                  1976-77

Ethical Standards Review Committee                                                                1974-75


Association for Humanistic Education and Development

Editorial Board Member                                                                                            1983

National Chair, Membership                                                                                1975-78

Member                                                                                                         1975-Present


Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, Member             1979-Present


Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC)

Chair, Media Committee                                                                                       1993-96

Chair, Search Committee, Counseling and Values, Editor                             1995-96

Convention and Program Chair, Annual AACD Convention                                   1991

President                                                                                                               1983-84

President-Elect                                                                                                       1982-83

Chair, Workshop Committee                                                                                1982-83

Chair, Human Rights Committee                                                                         1982-83

Board of Directors                                                                                                 1977-79

Life Member                                                                                                       since 1981


Association for Specialists in Group Work

Editorial Board Member                                                                                       1976-79

Nominations Committee                                                                                      1976-77

Regional Workshop Committee                                                                          1977-78

Member                                                                                                         1967-Present


Oregon Personnel and Guidance Association

President                                                                                                              1972-73

Executive Council                                                                                                  1971-74

Life Member                                                                                                  1973-Present


University Service


Professional Development Leave Committee

            1998-99; 1999-01


Campus Affairs Committee



Academic Standards Committee                                                                  1988-89; 1994-95

Chair, Academic Dishonesty Policy Sub-Committee                                       1994-95

Chair, Sub-Committee, Student Assessment                                                    1989-90

Chair, Sub-Committee, Course Repeat Policy                                                 1989-90


Dispute Resolution Task Force



Academic Standards Committee



Search Committee

Career Development Director                                                             1991-92; 1995-96


Academic Faculty Salary Equity Study, Chair                                                             1992-95

Chair, Salary Equity Appeals Committee                                                          1995-96


Student Union Advisory Board, Chair                                                                           1992-94

Member, Student Union Director Search Committee                                       1993-94


Institutional Budget Committee                                                     1992-93; 1987-88;1986-87


Sabbatical Leave Committee                                                                                         1991-92

Faculty Development Committee                                                                                  1990-91


Division of Student Services                                                                                                         

Consultant, Staff Development                                                                                   1989


Core Curriculum Sub-Committee, Evaluation                                                       1989; 1990


Speaker's Bureau                                                                                                             1978-92


Self-Study Accreditation

Chair, Task Force on Counseling and Testing                                                   1987-88


Scholarship Program Transition Committee                                                               1985-86


Graduate Student Paper Judging Committee                                                             1984-85


Promotion and Tenure Committee                                                                                1983-86


Search Committee

Director of Financial Aid                                                                                            1985


University Appeals Board                                                                                               1983-84


School of Home Economics

Member, Graduate Program Internal Review Committee                                      1984


Financial Aids and Scholarship Board                                                                          1982-86

Chair, Spring                                                                                                                1984


Academic Standards Committee, Member                                                                 1982-83

Chair, Sub-Committee on Student Advisement                                                1983-84


Merit Review Committee

Member                                                                                                                  1981-82


Capital Planning Committee

Member                                                                                                                  1981-83


Equal Opportunity Board

Member                                                                                                                  1980-81


Student Affairs Board                                                                                                       1979-80


Pi Delta Phi Sorority, Self-Esteem

Consultant                                                                                                                    1989

National Teacher's Examination (for counselors)

Reviewer                                                                                                                       1988


In-Service Training Workshop

Presenter, UNR Special Programs Staff                                                          Nov. 1985


College of Education


Member, Graduate Program Review Task Force                                                          1999-00


Chair, Teaching Evaluation Committee                                                                           1996-97


Member, Personnel Committee                                                                                       1996-97


Member, Accreditation and Certification Committee                                    1999-01;1996-98


Liaison for National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) 1983-87

Chair, Self-Study Committee                                                                                1985-87


Library Committee                                                                                                            1990-00



Information Fair

Videotape participant                                                                                    March, 1984


Student Recognition Committee                                                                                   1981-82



Screening Committee,

Educational Foundations and Media                                                                  1980-81


Facility Utilization and Public Relations Committee                                                   1979-82


Personnel Committee                                                                                                     1980-81


Screening and Selection Committee Member, University Counseling Center               1979



Honors and Awards     


University System Regents’ Distinguished Graduate Advisor Award, (UCCSN) 2001


Distinguished Service Award,  (CACREP)  2001


Meritorious Service Award, (national) Association for Spiritual, Ethical and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC), 1999


Advocacy for College Counseling Award, (national) American College Counseling Association (ACCA), 1997


Outstanding Service Award, American Counseling Association (national) Governing Council (ACCA), 1995


Outstanding Professional Service Award, University of Nevada Student Services Division, 1992


Distinguished Mentor Award, Graduate Committee, Association for Counselor Education & Supervision (national) (ACES), 1991


Outstanding Program Award, Western Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (WACES), 1990


Life Membership Award for Outstanding Service to the Association for Religious and Value Issues in Counseling (ARVIC), 1984


Gilbert and Kathleen Wrenn Award for a Humanitarian and Caring Person, American Personnel and Guidance Association (now American Counseling Association ACA), 1981


Life Membership Award, American Personnel and Guidance Association, (now American Counseling Association), 1981


Outstanding Professional Service Award, Association for Religious and Value Issues in Counseling, 1984


Meritorious Service and Outstanding Professional Contribution Award, Board of Directors, American Personnel and Guidance Association, (now American Counseling Association), 1980


Who's Who Among College and University Administration, 1992-93;1970-71


Life Membership Award, Oregon Personnel and Guidance Association in Recognition of Outstanding Service to the State of Oregon in Guidance and Counseling 1974


Professional Service Award, Oregon Personnel and Guidance Association, 1973